Welcome to the noomee world! The tool that helps children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to be self-dependent.

Many children with autism spectrum experience significant difficulty in their development of self-help skills as a function of social, behavioral, and communication deficits.

noomee develops skills of Activities of Daily Living (ADL), enhances communication and verbal skills, keeps parents aware of their child’s location,  measures  and shows the daily, weekly and monthly progress of activities. All of this we do by providing 24/7 support to parents and professionals with a systematic method for planning and teaching valuable skills through 4 main tools.

helps children to develop skills for everyday life by showing activities in illustrations step by step.

Social Story Maker
teaches how to behave in different social situations which enhance communication and behavioral skills.

GPS Tracking System
keeps parents aware of their child’s location through integrated map.

Statistics & Progress Reports
measures and shows the progress of each child. It’s a huge data, crucial not only for therapists, but also for rehabilitation centers, insurance companies and governments.

The app is easy, intuitive and for everyday use.